Japanese eShop Showcases Orotto Trailer from Genesect Film

Today on the Japanese eShop, the commercial for Pokemon X and Y that played before the Genesect film was put up on the preview page for the games which means that we’ve now got clear shots of Orotto! The whole trailer will likely be up on the official websites in the coming days, perhaps with even more information about the new Pokemon, but until then we have some photos which you can check out below.

Here is our rendition of Orotto from the other week. As we stated in the news story at the time, the spikes may be leaves or a combination of leaves and spikes. It was hard to tell in the movie theater and it’s hard to tell even here.

Edit: Clean screenshots added, along with the trailer. When we originally saw the trailer we thought Clauncher might be battling Skrelp underwater but then edited it out of the news story because we weren’t sure if it was just the attack animation going blue. What do you think?

Orotto Encounter Orotto Encounter

To reiterate what things were seen in this new trailer (some of which is old now):

  • Fennekin uses a new move called Glow Punch against Litleo.
  • Clauncher seems to be battling Skrelp underwater.
  • There is a blue car parked in Lumiose City.
  • The player is seen riding a bike.
  • There is a quick shot of a water fountain with two Horsea statues shooting out water at a Clamperl statue in the middle.
  • The player walks up a staircase to a train station – we can see train tracks behind him, which go over a bridge.
  • Skrelp is battled on the beach over a puddle of water with the ocean and a mountain in the background.
  • Mewtwo in its new forme uses some sort of attack that shoots white light up with DNA overhead.
  • Charizard uses Fire Blast against Flygon in a Sky Battle.