Tons of X/Y News Coming on May 17th’s ‘Pokemon Smash’ (But Before Then)

Oh, am I allowed to update again? Are you going to start your usual news campaign now, Pokemon? Next generation you shouldn’t leave us in such a lull! :p

Pokemon Smash X and Y News

The Pokemon Smash TV show page on the official Japanese Pokemon website just updated. As expected, for the May 19th episode, Junichi Masuda will appear to deliver Pokemon X and Y news: “The god of Pokemon games, Mr. Masuda, will come to the studio and give us lots of surprising new info (on Pokemon X/Y)!” Thanks goes to Gin for the translation.

Considering news about X and Y has been extremely dry, this will probably be the first major news burst, especially since summer is starting now. The website does not say that the show will be the first in the world to deliver the news because CoroCoro will have the news first and will be available in stores beforehand. CoroCoro will probably leak later this week or early next week, so stay tuned!