New 16th Movie Trailer: Mewtwo Has Female Voice

Update (4:30 PM) – Full trailer details below thanks to Puddizzle.

Japanese variety show Oha Suta just finished airing a new trailer for the 16th movie. It revealed that Mewtwo has a female voice; in the first movie, Mewtwo’s voice was male in both Japanese and English. This means that this Mewtwo is not the same one that we’ve always known (will we find out why there is a different Mewtwo?). Mewtwo tells Ash and crew that it was created by humans just like the Genesect, to which Ash says “What do you mean?” The Genesect escaped from Team Plasma and are fighting to reclaim “their world,” obviously because they were revived from 300 million year old fossils and the world they used to know is gone.

The end of the trailer shows footage from the Eevee mini-movie and is more than likely hinting at Sylveon’s type. If the mini-movie isn’t doing something psychedelic, it appears that Sylveon has some sort of magical or illusionary powers – its feet glow as they touch the ground, send out pulses of light, and then the sky changes. At this point though, nothing is very obvious and it would seem Pokemon just wants us to keep chasing our tails. :p