X and Y Legendaries: Xerneas and Yveltal

The new Pokemon X and Y mini-site has revealed that the two Legendary Pokemon are named Xerneas (pronounced “ZURR-nee-us”) and Yveltal (“ee-VELL-tall”). The names will be the same in every language. Since this update needlessly came a day after the initial X and Y announcement, might we see a small update appear every day? As usual, you can discuss all of the X and Y news, observations, and any speculation you might have on our forums!

As noted yesterday, the bird-like Yveltal is shaped like a red Y and has two blue eyes. Xerneas on the other hand will probably resemble the shape of an X when its feet are touching the ground, it has X irises, and its eyes are two different colors – one red and one blue. The branched ends of its antlers also resemble chromosomes. What do you think these design choices could mean?

Xerneas Yveltal
Xerneas | Yveltal