Shigeki Morimoto to Appear on January 6th’s ‘Pokemon Smash’

Junichi Masuda has stated on his Twitter account that Shigeki Morimoto will appear on January 6th’s episode of Pokemon Smash. This is two days before Gamefreak is set to make some sort of big announcement.

Morimoto has been involved in every main series Pokemon game, creating and programming the Pokemon battle systems along with the Pokemon Mew, and he was the director of HeartGold and SoulSilver (oh lawdy I know what everyone is going to say the second I typed the end of that sentence). However, in his two appearances on Pokemon Smash in the past, he has only helped out contestants with Pokemon battles rather than actually announcing anything. So we’ll see what happens, if anything.

Junichi Masuda announced on his Twitter earlier this month that he had just taped an episode of Pokemon Smash. The episodes usually air around a month after they’re taped, so it will probably air sometime in January. Mr. Masuda has often announced big Pokemon news when appearing on Pokemon Smash, so that taping may perhaps be the one we’re really expecting.