Announcement from Pokemon Coming January 8th

Pokemon Announcement on January 8th

A new BW2 commercial has appeared on Japanese television today (yes, they’re still advertising the games), and at the end of it, there is a title card announcement which states “We at Pokemon want to share the latest news with you. Scheduled announcement: January 8th.” Obviously Pokemon plans to make a big announcement.

Gamefreak director Junichi Masuda revealed on his Twitter in December that he had just filmed an episode of Pokemon Smash, and since the episodes are recorded a month or so in advance, it’s likely the episode he taped will air in January. Masuda usually appears on Pokemon Smash to make game announcements.

While I originally predicted we would get a 6th generation announcement this month, Pokemon pulled a fast one and revealed shiny Genesect – their movie “wow factor” for December. However, as I stated in my post (and even with the shiny Genesect revelation), there are still 7 months until the movie premieres and nothing else for Pokemon to advertise since there are no new Pokemon left to be revealed. They may delay a 6th generation announcement again, but it’s inevitable that there is going to be one soon. We’ll see on January 8th!