‘Plasma Storm’ Theme Decks, Blister Packs

The Plasma Storm theme decks will be named “PlasmaClaw,” featuring Druddigon, and “PlasmaShadow,” featuring Giratina. Both cards originate from Plasma Gale. Thanks goes to our friends at Pokecollection for the news!

The Plasma Storm two-pack blister will come packaged with a promo Jigglypuff card that was released at Japan’s March 2012 Gym Challenges as well as a reprinted Wigglytuff from Next Destinies. The three-pack blister will feature a Ninetales promo, which is reprinted from Dragons Exalted but has alternate artwork. It was originally the promo card that fans received when buying a booster box of BW6 Dragon Blade / Dragon Blast in Japan.

Plasma Storm