Next Week’s ‘Pokemon Smash’ to Reveal Genesect Movie News, ‘Oha Suta’ Airing Trailer Next Week?

Pokemon Smash just finished airing in Japan and revealed that next week there will be “big movie news” announced. You can watch next week’s preview below.

Considering that the Oha Suta variety show has always revealed a new Pokemon movie trailer in the early weeks of December before Pokemon Smash or CoroCoro, we can expect the same to happen this year. In 2009, they announced the title of the 13th Pokemon movie and a mysterious “Z,” which later turned out to be the first fifth generation Pokemon, Zoroark. In 2010, they revealed Zekrom would star with Victini in the 14th movie. Last year, they revealed who would be starring in the 15th movie and that the preliminary title would be Kyurem vs. the Sacred Swordsman (airing tonight in America).

If a sixth generation is coming next year, as I posited in this article, we can probably expect to see a small hint revealed at some point next week via the Genesect movie trailer. Oha Suta starts at 6:45 AM in Japan, which is 1:45 PM Pacific time. There has been no pattern as to which day of the week Oha Suta reveals a new Pokemon movie’s trailer, so we will be watching every day to catch the news. Be sure to keep checking back here for all the latest!