Worlds 2012 Swag + Tropical Beach Promo

The Worlds competitors have now received their prize packages, which consists of a Worlds 2012-themed t-shirt, hat, playmat, deck box, handkerchief, notebook, card binder, keychain, patch, pin, and Pikachu plush. Many of these products will be available for purchase at Worlds as well. The promo card in this year’s prize package is a reprint of last year’s Tropical Beach (BW50), but with new artwork. Thanks goes to Chris N. and Card Team for the photos!

While the location of next year’s Worlds is usually announced in the competitors’ prize package, this year it wasn’t for some reason. However, we have received word that Worlds 2013’s location will officially be announced during the closing ceremonies of this year’s competition.

Worlds 2012 Swag Worlds 2012 Swag Worlds 2012 Tropical Beach Promo