Many ‘Dark Explorers’ Cards Revealed + Prerelease Promo and Deck Box

Sorry for the lack of updates! I just finished mixing my big film project for the semester and will now have a lot of free time until school starts again in late August. Yay! Anyways, here’s some of the news I missed and I’ll post a few other stories tomorrow.

Several cards from Dark Explorers have been revealed, as you can see below. Click the thumbnails to enlarge the images. Remember, the set will hit store shelves May 9th and prereleases will take place the weekends of April 28th and May 5th!

Entei-EX from Dark Rush (#13) Kyogre-EX from Dark Rush (#26) Raikou-EX from Dark Rush (#38) Groudon-EX from Dark Rush (#54) Umbreon from Dark Rush (#61) Sableye from Dark Rush (#62) Sandile from Dark Rush (#64) Krookodile from Dark Rush (#66) Scrafty from Dark Rush (#68) Zorua from Dark Rush (#69) Bisharp from Dark Rush (#72) Vullaby from Dark Rush (#73) Dark Claw from Dark Rush (#92) Dark Patch from Dark Rush (#93)

The set’s prerelease promo is BW40 Volcarona. The promo was originally released in Japan as part of Dark Rush‘s booster pack campaign; the same Volcarona was then released in the actual set with different artwork, as will be the case with Dark Explorers. At prereleases you will also be able to get a Darkrai deck box which uses artwork from the set’s Darkrai booster pack. Thanks goes to Dan V. for these prerelease images!

BW40 Volcarona Promo at Dark Explorers Prereleases Dark Explorers Deck Box