Japan’s July Sets: ‘Freeze Bolt’ and ‘Cold Flare’

Japan’s BW6 sets will be named Freeze Bolt and Cold Flare and will be released on July 13th, the day before Kyurem vs. the Sacred Swordsman debuts in Japanese theaters. Each set will contain 59 cards (excluding secret rares) and will feature either Black Kyurem or White Kyurem. The sets are named after the signature moves of Kyurem’s two formes, which are called Freeze Shock and Ice Burn in the English localizations of the games. At present, no other information is known about the sets but we can assume Pokemon that appear in the film will appear in the sets.

To further celebrate the Kyurem movie, the day the set hits store shelves, a new Movie Commemoration Pack will be released featuring a holo Keldeo promo as well as a Freeze Bolt, Cold Flare, Dark Rush, and Red Collection booster pack.

Later on August 3rd, two “Premium Special Packs” will be released with the previously English exclusive full art versions of either Reshiram-EX or Zekrom-EX. Each pack will cost 1,280 yen and will also include several booster packs.