‘Dark Explorers’ Booster Packs, Theme Decks, and Three Cards

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The booster packs, theme decks, and two-pack blister for Dark Explorers have been revealed along with three cards: Umbreon (#60/108), Darkrai-EX (#63), and Zoroark (#71). Click the thumbnails below to enlarge the images. The three cards originate from BW4 Dark Rush, which was released in Japan last December; the theme decks feature Cofagrigus and Zoroark, also from BW4. The blister pack contains the Krookodile evolutionary line from Black & White, which all come printed on glassy holofoil paper. The set will hit store shelves stores May 9th.

Umbreon from Dark Explorers Darkrai-EX from Dark Explorers Zoroark from Dark Explorers Dark Explorers Booster Packs Dark Explorers Theme Decks Dark Explorers 2-Pack Blister with Krookodile Line