The Art of Deckbuilding

In collaboration with Celebi23, Futachimaru, Riskbreakers, and HenryP, I’ve also decided to join in on this article “crusade” in an attempt to try and help educate players on the site. Many new and/or inexperienced players have unfortunate misconceptions about the game. I’m not sure if you’d call it defiance or stubbornness, but some people truly believe certain things about this game or about internal components of this game, of decks, or of cards themselves that just isn’t true, and for lack of better phrasing, is plain wrong.

In any case, we’ve all divvied up some articles (dates and the topic can be seen here). As it’s apparent, this article of mine will be about Deckbuilding. In it, I’ll cover some tips, tricks, and general rules you should follow, with some of my own advice and experiments mixed in.

Personally, I view deckbuilding as consisting mainly of two tiers: Consistency and Playability. There are other smaller things I’ll touch on, but these are the two that I want to cover the most, as most people (including myself at times) encounter problems with these two “pillars” of deckbuilding. Let’s start with Consistency.

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