May’s English Set: ‘Dark Explorers’

Update (11:45 PM) – Added a larger image of the set ad below, which reveals there will be six full art cards. This more than likely means that the other two Pokemon-EX in the set are Entei-EX and Kyogre-EX.

May’s English set will be named Dark Explorers and will hit store shelves May 9th. The set will feature Darkrai on one of its booster packs, as you can see below, and will be our equivalent of Japan’s Dark Rush. So far, Darkrai-EX, Tornadus-EX, Raikou-EX, and Groudon-EX are confirmed in the set while the two theme decks will feature Zoroark and Cofagrigus. Entei-EX and Kyogre-EX will probably be in the set as well.

Dark Explorers

What’s out there in the darkness, waiting to be discovered Play the Pokemon Trading Card Game: Black and White – Dark Explorers expansion and find them all! In addition to more Pokemon-EX like Tornadus-EX, Raikou-EX, and Groudon-EX, the shadows are filled with other exceptional surprises, like Darkrai-EX and a host of Trainer cards that will knock your opponent’s lights out! When you play Black & White – Dark Explorers, you’ll not only explore the darkness, you’ll rule it!