Nintendo to Announce a New Game Tomorrow – Pokemon Gray?

Update (4:30 AM, Wednesday) – No Pokemon game was announced (though we did learn Pokemon + Nobunaga’s Ambition will feature over 200 hours of gameplay). We will see Saturday afternoon if Pokemon Smash reveals anything big, and if not, something should definitely be coming soon regardless.

Tomorrow at 8:00 PM in Japan (3:00 AM in America), Nintendo is going to announce a new game through Nintendo Direct, their online broadcasting service that is like a TV channel. Satoru Iwata, president of Nintendo, will announce it. Nintendo rarely announces new games through this medium, so this can definitely be considered a special occasion.

While there is absolutely nothing that states this announcement will pertain to a new Pokemon title, based on all the evidence that has been building up over this past month regarding a Black and White sequel and Kyurem forme, it’s certainly possible that this is where it will first be introduced. After all, Junichi Masuda said to watch Pokemon Smash this Sunday, implying there would be information on a Black and White sequel, so if a new Pokemon game is going to be announced this week, this would definitely be Nintendo’s golden opportunity to introduce it to the world.

We should also note that Sunday is the one-year anniversary of the Nintendo 3DS in Japan. If we do get a “Pokemon Gray,” it could very well be on the 3DS – after all, Game Freak was one of the first to receive the 3DS developer’s kit (during the development of Black and White). However, don’t hold your breath just yet – none of this is for sure and we may be looking too deeply into things. We will let you know what happens tomorrow at 3:00 AM, though, so be sure to check back! Thanks goes to Kat of AAPF for the heads up on this news story. If we don’t get an announcement tomorrow, there’s still Sunday’s Pokemon Smash, and if nothing is revealed there, we’ll still have the next CoroCoro. It’s only a matter of time now!