Cities In Review and Looking Ahead to States

Before jumping into this article, I should properly introduce myself since most writers on other sites do it. My name is Kennan, and I’m a competitive Master from Washington. I just got back into the game this year, but I managed to win one of the Fall Regionals and get a good number of top cuts/wins in Cities and Battle Roads. I’ve already written a few articles about Regionals and Cities, so feel free to check them out if you haven’t already (unfortunately, they’re pretty outdated now.)

Anyway, Cities are over, and States are still very far away, so there’s no real rush to write about anything. States are probably the main topic of discussion, but we don’t know what cards will be legal yet so it’s risky writing a full article about the HS-ND format. Today, I’m just going to talk about my Cities experience, give a brief opinion on what the States format will look like, and offer a few general playing tips. Hopefully, I will have a Prerelease article coming out sometime next week.

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