Ten ‘Next Destinies’ Cards Revealed, Including Kyurem-EX

Update (7:15 PM) – We can also confirm that Luxray, Regigigas-EX, Kyurem-EX (full art), Bronzong, and Pokemon Center are in the set as well.

We have obtained images of ten cards from Next Destinies: Amoonguss (#9/99), Moltres (#14), Articuno (#27), Kyurem-EX (#38), Beartic (#37), Musharna (#59), Darmanitan (#60), Beheeyem (#62), Scrafty (#74), and Cinccino (#85). Click the thumbnails below for larger images, and once opened, use your left and right arrow keys to scroll through them like a slideshow.

All of the cards below originate from the Japanese BW3 Psycho Drive / Hail Blizzard set, which was released in Japan this past September. It appears that the new Pokemon-EX, as seen below with Kyurem-EX, will have no space between their name and “EX” like the old Pokemon-ex of Generation III. Remember, Next Destinies and its theme decks will be released in America on February 8th.

Note: Our translation for Musharna originally said to return the remaining card to the bottom of your deck, but this is incorrect – it should be returned to the top like it says on the English card below (the translation on our BW3 page has now been corrected). Oddly, our error has made its way into the BW3 translations on a couple of other popular fan sites – go look for yourself (before they edit them *coughbulbapediacough*). While we have always been pretty certain that certain other fan sites take our card translations and rewrite them, this example is without a doubt proof-positive. Do your own translations, people. Seriously. We work hard here, especially Bangiras. If you want to use our original work, provide credit. It’s that simple.

Amoonguss (#9) from Next Destinies Moltres (#14) from Next Destinies Articuno (#27) from Next Destinies Kyurem-EX (#36) from Next Destinies Beartic (#37) from Next Destinies Musharna (#59) from Next Destinies Darmanitan (#60) from Next Destinies Beheeyem (#62) from Next Destinies Scrafty (#74) from Next Destinies Cinccino (#85) from Next Destinies