Japan’s BW5 in March: ‘Dragon Blade’ and ‘Dragon Blast’

Japan’s fifth Black and White set will be released on March 16th and will be split into two sub-sets: Dragon Blade and Dragon Blast. As their names suggest, the Dragon-type will be featured again and Dragon-type Pokemon-EX will appear. Two 30-card decks will also be released alongside the sets featuring Hydreigon and Garchomp. 2012 is the year of the dragon, so it’s no wonder Pokemon Card Laboratory is pumping up the Dragon-type!

On April 20th, a new “Beginning Set” will be released containing Pokemon from every region, unlike the previous Beginning Sets which were simply re-releases of the same cards. On the same day, two new Battle Strength Decks will also be released, though their contents are currently unknown. We’ll bring you more information in the coming months once we have more specifics!