BW5 ‘Dragon Blast / Dragon Blade’ Booster Pack and Theme Deck Images!

The booster pack and theme deck artwork for BW5 Dragon Blast / Dragon Blade have been revealed, as you can see below; click the thumbnails for larger images. The Dragon Blast booster pack artwork features N’s castle, Hydreigon, and Giratina while the Dragon Blade pack features the Unova Pokemon League, Garchomp, and Rayquaza. Continuing the same in-game themes as the booster packs, the Hydreigon theme deck features N’s castle and will also include Roserade, Foongus, Drifloon, and Houndoom while the Garchomp theme deck again features the Unova Pokemon League and comes with Manectric, Minccino, and Gyarados. Each of the theme decks will come with three holos as well. Thanks goes to Viper.Fox for finding the images!

BW5 Dragon Blade and Dragon Blast Booster Packs BW5 Dragon Blade and Dragon Blast Theme Decks