Dragon-Types to be Introduced to the TCG with ‘Dragon Selection!!’

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A new product listing for Dragon Selection has appeared on Yahoo’s official shopping website: not only does it reconfirm that all of the cards in the set will be holo, it also states that there will be “The new appearance of the Dragon-type!” There is no misinterpreting the wording: the Japanese used specifically says “Dragon-type,” just like the labeling of all the other elements in the TCG, and all Dragon-type Pokemon have already appeared in the TCG, meaning the statement is not referring to Pokemon of the Dragon-type that have not been made into a card yet. In other words, the TCG is now going to have ten elements: Grass, Fire, Water, Lightning, Psychic, Fighting, Metal, Darkness, Colorless, and Dragon!! Thanks goes to Gin for the translation!

What exciting news! The last and only new types added to the TCG were Darkness and Metal back in 1999 with Neo Genesis – that was 12 years ago, and that was simply because of their introduction to the video games. This decision is purely “just ‘cuz,” especially since the Dragon-type is the second least common type in the games. But maybe because the Dragon-type is so unique and distinctive, they finally decided to let it stand on its own now.

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