BW12 and BW18 Zorua and Darumaka Scans

We already know all Black & White black star promos up until BW#27, but now we have actual scans of BW12 Zorua and BW18 Darumaka. Zorua comes in an Emerging Powers blister pack with three booster packs of the set and a Reshiram and Zekrom coin (Pansage does too, but we don’t have an actual scan of it yet). Darumaka, on the other hand, is packaged in the “Emerging Powers Collector’s Album Box” with a mini collector’s album featuring the Musketeer Trio and two booster packs of the set. Click the thumbnails below for larger images; thanks goes to Omahanime and Daniel for the scans!

Zorua Black and White Promo (#12) Darumaka Black and White Promo (#18)