Team Rocket v. Team Plasma Episodes Skipped in America

The two Team Rocket vs. Team Plasma episodes that were skipped in Japan due to the Great East Japan Earthquake will also be skipped in America: the title for the English episode following A Venipede Stampede will be Battling for the Love of Bug-Types! Whereas in Japan the episode following A Venipede Stampede would have originally been the first of the two Plasma episodes, the Japanese skipped ahead to Ash’s battle with Gym Leader Burgh instead since the episodes contained too much urban destruction, thus making the Gym episode the new BW23. Therefore, the dub has adopted the edited order of the Japanese episodes, meaning we will not see the two Plasma episodes for a very long time. Their air date hasn’t even been announced for Japan yet! You can see the original trailer for the two Plasma episodes below.