‘Black & White’ Redshark Release!

Redshark 4.00 for the Black & White set is now available! Redshark allows you to practice the Pokemon TCG on your computer and against friends online. Unlike the official Pokemon TCG program, you can use every single English card right away. You can download the installer for your operating system by clicking one of the links below; make sure to uninstall any previous versions of Redshark before attempting to install the new version!

[Windows | Macintosh]

Updates in 4.00

  • Trainer Menu – Added Great Ball, Legend Box, Prof. Juniper, and Research Record
  • Deck Builder – Added “HGSS On” to the series filter
  • Tweaked layout of Trainer cards on playmat
  • TempStack listbox auto-expands/contracts so cards can be easily viewed without scrolling
  • Incorporated “Item” and “Ability” terminology