‘Black & White’ Set Blister Packs

The two-pack and three-pack blister packs for the Black & White TCG set have been revealed: the blisters will each feature one of the Starter Pokemon from the Japanese Uniqlo t-shirt promotion. The two-pack blister will come with one of the promos as a holo, a booster pack from the set, and a three-card “promo pack.” What could the promos be? Well, we won’t find out until the product is released, but it could just be the three other t-shirt promos (Zorua, Minccino, Pokedex). The three-pack blister will also include one of the Starter Pokemon promos, three of the set’s booster packs, and a Starter Pokemon coin. Click the thumbnail below for a larger image of the Snivy three-pack blister.

Black and White TCG Set Three-Pack Blister Featuring Snivy