New Japanese Deck Boxes and Sleeves in March

Several new TCG deck boxes and sleeves are set for release on March 18th in Japan, the release date of the Cobalion, Terrakion, and Virizion Battle Strength Decks. First, Animate stores will be selling a 380 yen (about $4.00) deck box featuring Plasma Leader N on one side and the Team Plasma logo on the other side. The box will come with two plastic dividers featuring artwork of the two sides. The store will also be selling two sets of card sleeves featuring either N or the Electric-type Gym Leader, Elesa. Each pack of sleeves will contain 32 sleeves and will also cost 380 yen. The items will be exclusive to Animate stores. The artwork for N is drawn by Ken Sugimori while Elesa’s is by Yusuke Ohmura.

All other stores will be selling two sets of sleeves featuring either Zorua and Zoroark, drawn by Mana Ibe, or the Musketeer Trio. Again, they will cost 380 yen and will each come with 32 sleeves. Thanks goes to forum mod Viper.Fox for collecting this information!

N Box and Elesa Sleeves Zorua and Zoroark Sleeves Cobalion, Terrakion, Virizion Sleeves