More Differences in Victini Movies: Different Endings!

It seems Victini and the Black Hero: Zekrom and Victini and the White Hero: Reshiram won’t be simple carbon copies of each other. According to Searchina News, the two movies will diverge at some point in their plots, which will lead to different endings. The full translation of the Searchina news story is below courtesy of Bangiras. What other differences will we see in these movies?

Reshiram and Zekrom Movies

Black and White, what will you do?

The 14th Pokemon movie, “Best Wishes: Victini and the Dark Hero Zekrom” has already been announced for a release this summer on July 16th. However, on the 14th it was announced that “Light Hero Reshiram” is also in the works and will be released on the same day. How the screening will be handled is still unknown, but this screening is an experiment and a historical first for Japanese animé. People are wondering how ticket prices will be affected and if the runtime and contents of each film will be shortened.

It appears that the contents of each movie will be different, with “Dark Hero Zekrom” featuring people in pursuit of dreams and “Light Hero Reshiram” featuring people in pursuit of truth. The protagonist is once again Ash, and along with Pikachu he enters a Pokemon tournament at a harvest festival in the town of Aind Oak, a town called “home to the people of the earth.” There they meet Victini, who’s known as the Victory Pokemon. From that point, as in the Pokemon Black and White video games, the stories diverge and each one moves towards a different ending. Which ending occurs will ultimately be determined by all of you.

The official Japanese Pokemon website also released a press release which has some additional minor information about the two movies. Translations again are courtesy of Bangiras. “Which one will you see?” Oh yeah like you guys only want us to see one.

In addition to the previously announced title of this year’s movie, “Victini and the Dark Hero Zekrom,” we’re also announcing the title of a second film, “Victini and the Light Hero Reshiram!” That’s right, this year’s Pokemon movie is two films! Better yet, they’re coming out on the same day! In addition, our “Pikachu the Movie” logo has also been powered up to show that there are two films – the word “DUAL” has been attached to the posters! Zekrom represents the “darkness of dreams” and Reshiram represents the “light of truth.” This summer, which one will you see?