‘Black’ and ‘White’ TV Commercials and New Localizations

The United Kingdom’s official Nintendo Magazine as well as IGN have revealed new English localizations for Black and White, as you can see below. Additionally, new TV advertisements for the games have been uploaded to YouTube, also below. The narrator in the ads pronounces Unova as “You-nuh-vuh,” so this is probably the official pronunciation.


  • Elecball -> Electro Ball
  • Dragon Tail -> Dragon Tail
  • Flame Burst -> Flame Burst
  • Healing Wave -> Heal Pulse
  • Evil Eye -> Hex
  • Wood Horn -> Horn Leech
  • Sing a Round -> Round
  • Retaliation -> Retaliate
  • Boiling Water -> Scald


  • Regeneration -> Regenerator
  • Tension -> Unnerve


  • Yagaruma Forest -> Pinwheel Forest