‘Black’ and ‘White’ Feature 3DS Enhancements

Update (9:30 PM) – IGN has retracted their statement below; either they spilled info they shouldn’t have or were mistaken (which would make this entire news story invalid). We’ll tell you which once the 3DS is released, but it’s probably the latter.

According to a Nintendo 3DS guide posted by gaming website IGN, Black and White will feature some sort of “enhanced functionality” when played on a 3DS. What this enhanced functionality is remains a mystery, but it could be some sort of 3D imagery since Gamefreak was in possession of a beta 3DS system during Black and White‘s development. The quote from the article is below. Thanks goes to Jimmy da Elf for pointing this out to us!


A. The 3DS will be backwards compatible with all DS and DSi games. Those games will not be able to display imagery in 3D despite being used on the 3DS. However, some games, most notably Pokémon Black & White, will gain some enhanced functionality when played on the new system. These cases should be considered extremely rare, however.