Lost World and Other Cards Confirmed in ‘Call of Legends’

A writer for a children’s magazine visited a Pokemon League in the northwest yesterday where she revealed to players several cards from Call of Legends. With her she had both of the set’s theme decks as well as a few booster packs. One of our forum’s professors took note of the cards she revealed, as you can see below. We should have early scans of the set sometime between now and the prereleases on Saturday, so be sure to check back!

New cards, most from Lost Link, include Lost World, Lost Remover, Research Documents, and Phanpy (new, possibly a Japanese L-P promo). Reprinted cards include Vulpix (GS), Ninetales (GS), Chikorita (GS), Bayleef (GS), Meganium (GS), Cyndaquil (GS), Quilava (GS), Typhlosion (GS), Totodile (GS), Croconaw (GS), Feraligatr (GS), Magikarp (GS), Gyarados (GS), Houndour (UD), Houndoom (UD), Hitmonchan (UD), Hitmonlee (UD), Mawile (UD), Skarmory (UD), Eevee (UD), Leafeon (UD), Espeon (UD), Umbreon (UD), Vaporeon (UD), Jolteon (UD), Flareon (UD), Pidgey (TR), Pidgeotto (TR), and Pidgeot (TR).