‘Victini and the Dark Hero’ Website, Release Date, Location Scouting

Last week, the official Pokemon movie website overhauled its website to celebrate Victini and the Dark Hero, displaying 3D models of Victini and Zekrom. It also posted the first of its typical blog entries chronicling the (now finished) location scouting for the movie, which Bangiras has translated below. The movie will be released in Japanese theaters July 16th.

Movie 14 Location Scouting in Paris

The movie’s location! When thinking about where the new Pokemon would live, movie director Yuyama chose France. Since he sought a location that had cities and castles atop mountains, Nice in southern France was the first choice.

On the first day on location, we flew by way of Paris and arrived in Nice at 11pm. Due to the time differences, it was already the following morning in Japan. Even though we didn’t sleep, Team Yuyama energetically took to the night streets and searched for dinner! The food made us think of last year’s location, Belgium. Actually, don’t the photos from last year’s first day and this year’s look similar? So, while continuing to think about last year, our 5 days at this location began…