New Animé Specials Featuring Brock and Dawn

Catching up on news stories I missed during finals week / vacation.

Dawn and Brock Anime Special

On February 3rd, two new animé specials featuring Brock and Dawn will air. This is following their departure from Ash’s traveling trio in the Sinnoh region. Brock will meet up with his brother Forrest, who was last left as the Gym Leader of Pewter City, while Dawn is in Hearthome City presumably doing something related to a Pokemon Contest. As you can see in the CoroCoro scan to the right, her Cyndaquil has evolved into Quilava, just like Ash’s.

As of now, it is unknown if these will be one-time episodes or if the animé will begin producing specials following older characters again like with the Hoenn specials. Time will tell!