Isshu Starter’s English Names Revealed: Snivy, Tepig, Oshawott

You’ll whine now, but then in six months, they’ll all sound totally normal to you. Keep saying the names to yourself and you’ll grow to like them. I already love all of them! :D

Pokemon Black and White English Logos has announced the English names for the Isshu region and starters, as you can see below. Interesting names, aren’t they? The Japanese names of the starter Pokemon were first revealed by us on May 12th, which was over six months ago. It wasn’t too long ago we were all in shock of how ugly Mijumaru was!

  • Grass-type Tsutarja: Snivy (Snake + Ivy)
  • Fire-type Pokabu: Tepig (Tepid + Pig)
  • Water-type Mijumaru: Oshawott (Ocean + Water + Otter?)
  • Isshu region: Unova Region (Either letters from “United States ‘OVAmerica,” since Isshu is based off our country, or from the Latin words “Unum” + “Nova,” which mean “One New.”)
  • Zekrom will be known as the Deep Black Pokemon with the Teravolt ability.
  • Reshiram will be known as the Vast White Pokemon with the Turboblaze ability.
Snivy Tepig Oshawott