PokéBeach Master Cup

Update: We have more than enough now. Congratulations and good luck if you got in!

The greatest video game tournament to ever be held on PokéBeach is finally here! It has been speculated about within the community for almost a year now. Registration for the PokéBeach Master Cup is open with the posting of this message. Don’t miss out on all of the fun that will be had in this competition. Devoted players have played through a series of four circuit tournaments to be ranked for the main tournament. If you didn’t play in them, it’s no problem – there is still time to join! All you have to do is familiar yourself with the rules and register in this forum thread.

Note: In order to participate in the PokéBeach Master Cup, you must have access to Shoddy Battle. If you don’t currently have it, go to our Shoddy Battle page to download it and find information about our server.

PokeBeach Master Cup