Kumashun and Croagunk Download Events

CoroCoro magazine has announced that the Freezing Pokemon Kumashun will be available for download over Wi-Fi from October 22nd to November 29th. The Pokemon will not have any special moves or abilities; rather, it is being given out because of its rarity during the spring in Black and White. It’s probably an attempt to show players that different Pokemon appear more often during different seasons in the game.

Additionally, CoroCoro has revealed that players will be able to get a special code through the Global Link to encounter and download a Croagunk in the Dream World. The Croagunk has the special Poison Hand ability, which may Poison any Pokemon that makes contact with it, over its usual Anticipation or Dry Skin abilities. The code and download will be available from October 20th to November 19th for Black and White players, obviously.

Speaking of the Dream World, it is now open on the Global Link website after weeks of downtime. However, there are certain restrictions in place: you can only use the Dream World one hour a day and only a certain amount of users are allowed on it at any one time.

Kumashun Wi-Fi Event Croagunk Wi-Fi Event