‘Black’ and ‘White’ American Release Date in April?

Two different readers have informed us that they went to Gamestop to pre-order Pokemon Black and White and they were told that the games will be released in America on Friday, April 22nd – the original release date of Diamond and Pearl – for $40.00 each. This date is probably an educated guess of around when the games will be released based on the fourth generation’s launch date, so it’s most likely not the exact date, especially since major Pokemon titles are released on Sundays. However, the date does give us an indication of around the time the games will be released here in America.

Gamestop also revealed that if you pre-order the games, instead of receiving a stylus, you’ll be able to download Zoroark to your games. Since no pre-order gifts have been announced yet, the employees probably meant that Gamestop stores will have a Zoroark download event soon. Whether or not this means we’ll get shiny Entei, Suicune, or Raikou remains to be seen (since you need them to get Zoroark in the first place), so perhaps their event will take place soon, maybe around the premiere of the Zoroark movie on Cartoon Network. Thanks goes to Brendan B. and Zack G. for this (rumored) news!