Fall 2010 Promo Scans – Raikou, Entei, Suicune

The fall 2010 tins, which we first posted about all the way back in May, are finally available at stores like Target and Wal-Mart! Depending on the tin you purchase, you’ll get a Legendary Beast from Secret Wonders with a special holo treatment and a HGSS promo with the Legendary Beast as a shiny Pokemon and with a holo border. The shiny cards originate from a promo pack that was released in Japan in July. The tins also contain a message stating that future sets will have more shiny Pokemon, which of course means the ones from this news post will make it to American shores. Thanks goes to forum mod Omahanime for the scans below; click them for larger images.

HGSS Promo Raikou (#19) Raikou (#16) from Secret Wonders - Special Holo HGSS Promo Raikou (#20) Entei (#4) from Secret Wonders - Special Holo HGSS Promo Suicune (#21) Suicune (#19) from Secret Wonders - Special Holo Shiny Pokemon Message