December’s Japanese Sets: ‘Black Collection’ and ‘White Collection’

Rumors circulating around Japanese blogs state that the first Black and White TCG set will be split into two sub-sets, Black Collection and White Collection, and will be released in Japan on December 17th. Each “set” will feature 50 Isshu Pokemon for a total of 100 new Pokemon cards, and with Trainers, the sets will be even larger. There will also be a new mechanic involving Legendary Pokemon which could be some sort of continuation of LEGEND cards, though details are unknown at this time.

In terms of booster packs, each pack will only contain five cards, though the price of one will drop down to 158 yen (less than two dollars). Booster packs will not contain any Energy cards or reverse holos and you will only find a holo in one out of every two packs. If you buy a booster box of the sets at Japan’s Gym Challenge tournaments, you will receive a special Zoroark promo. If you purchase four booster packs at participating retailers, you will have the chance to receive other promos as well. We’ll probably receive details and images of the set after Black and White are released in Japan on Saturday, so stay tuned! Thanks goes to Bangiras for the translations!