August’s CoroCoro Magazine Leaking

Update #4 (Monday, 2:30 AM): The leak may be beginning again, as a new photo of a page with Swana and Gigaiasu has emerged, below. Be sure to check the previous update for a potential new Pokemon from the tour bus demos as well. | Update #3: Details on abilities and some attacks. | Update #2: Kurumiru’s attack. | Update: Miruhoggu’s description.

Photos of the August issue of CoroCoro magazine are now leaking on 2ch. They are photos of the “Master Document” that CoroCoro promised last month; however, the document does not contain any new Pokemon for Internet fans as all of them were revealed through trailers, leaks, television, etc. Translations are courtesy of Sabonea Masukippa. If there are any new photos, they’ll be posted immediately, so check back once in a while!


  • Swana (スワンナ) – Swan Pokemon – Water / Flying – Keen Eye or Pigeon Heart – 1.3m – 24.2kg. It has a new attack called Windstorm which changes in accuracy depending on the weather
  • Moguryuu (ムグリュー) – Mole Pokemon – Ground – Sand Throw or Sand Power (attacks increase in power during sandstorms) – 0.3m - 8.5kg.
  • Miruhoggu (ミルホッグ) – Precaution Pokemon – Minezumi’s evolution – Normal – Illuminate or Keen Eye – 1.1m - 27.0kg. “It lights up the pattern on its body to threaten its opponents.”
  • Kurumiru (クルミル) – Sewing Pokemon – Bug / Grass – Swarm or Chlorophyll – 0.3m – 2.5kg. It has a new attack called “Bug Resistance” which hits two Pokemon at once.
  • Mamambou (ママンボウ) – Nursing Pokemon – Luvdisc’s evolution – Water – Healing Heart (cures teammates of status conditions) or Hydration – 1.2m - 31.6kg. Note that Electivire was not revealed to be Electabuzz’s evolution until much later, so we’re assuming it is Luvdisc’s evolution.
  • Gigaiasu (ギガイアス) – High Pressure Pokemon – Rock – Sturdy – 1.7m – 270.0kg.
  • Shikijika (シキジカ) – Season Pokemon – Normal / Grass – Chlorophyll or Herbivore (raises attack when hit by Grass-type attacks) – 0.6m – 19.5kg.

Characters and Plot

  • The protagonists leave from their hometown Kanoko Town and meet Team Plasma in Karakusa Town.
  • Dento is the first Gym Leader – you fight him in Sanyo City.
  • Aloe is the second Gym Leader, a black woman you fight in Shippou City.

Game Mechanics

  • Rotation Battle – Another three-on-three battle mode. You can only choose one of your Pokemon out of the three out to attack each turn. You have to predict which Pokemon your opponent will use and what attack they’ll use for the greatest success. This type of three-on-three battle is in addition to the regular three-on-three battle mode and the one revealed last month where you can constantly rotate the position of your Pokemon.
  • Miracle Shooter – Allows you to use Items in wireless battles; you collect points each turn and can use them for the chance to use Items.
    You can choose whether to use Miracle Shooter or not.
  • Battle Subway – A subway where you can participate in seven battles at a time. If you win all seven battles you can earn battle points and exchange them for various gifts.

Other Info

  • The game box art of Reshiram and Zekrom is shown in two flavors: with their regular Ken Sugimori artwork and with the Pokemon’s tails illuminated and black or white infringing upon the image. This could be because there will be slip-cases for each of the boxes or because the images on the front covers are those lenticular graphics where when you tilt your head or move the box the images transition from one to the other.
Black and White in CoroCoro Magazine Black and White in CoroCoro Magazine Black and White in CoroCoro Magazine Black and White in CoroCoro Magazine Black and White in CoroCoro Magazine Black and White in CoroCoro Magazine