Three New Pokemon Revealed on ‘Oha Suta’

Update (5:30 AM) – News story completely rewritten with new translations below. Sorry for the delay – I was at a school event here in Japan all day.

Today’s Oha Suta revealed three new Pokemon: a deer Pokemon, Shikijika (シキジカ); the evolution of Minezumi, Miruhoggu (ミルホッグ); and a swan Pokemon, whose name is currently unknown. The show also confirmed that the evil team in the game is named Team Plasma, as the rumors from earlier in the summer stated. Images of the new Pokemon and Team Plasma are below.

You can watch two video clips of the show below courtesy of The first clip has bullet points below it which explain important information. The second video clip, which is further down, shows Black City and White Forest, each of which are version exclusives.

Shikijika Miruhoggu Unnamed Swan Pokemon Team Plasma

  • 0:31 – There is a new black trainer named Aloe.
  • 0:40 – Team Plasma revealed!
  • 1:14 – Shows an apparent in-game map of Isshu with 16 locations.
  • 1:22 – Through the C Gear, a player uses two “Power +” to help a nearby player presumably regain their Pokemon’s HP.
  • 1:38 – One of the first missions you can receive from the High Link is called “Item Mission” and requires you to hide an Ultra Ball in front of the “Tower of Heaven” on Route 7. You have a 180 second time limit and if someone talks to you, the mission restarts. The prize for the mission is three “Derudama.”
  • 2:11 – The new swan Pokemon is revealed in clip art for “Pokemon Musical,” a new way to use Pokemon that is apparently a replacement of Pokemon Contests. You can dress up Pokemon and then make them dance to music.
  • 2:36 – Small glimpse of the new deer Pokemon, Shikijika, in the Pokemon Musical.
  • 3:16 – Shikijika revealed in full!
  • 3:23 – There is a triple battle mode where you can control the position of the Pokemon in the center of your attacking three Pokemon. You can move it to the left or right instantly, meaning you can constantly switch your Pokemon around during battle. Since your Pokemon on the left cannot attack your opponent’s Pokemon on the right and your Pokemon on the left can’t attack your opponent’s Pokemon on the right, and since the Pokemon in the middle always does the most damage to your opponent’s Pokemon, this new mode will obviously lead to more complex strategies and a more dynamic battling experience.
  • 4:01 – Pokemon Dream World in action.
  • 4:20 – Meeting Pikachu in the Dream World, then capturing it in the game.
  • 4:45 – A new mini-game called “PokeShifter” will allow you to transfer Pokemon from fourth generation games to Black and White using two DS’s. In a Pal Park-like manner, you select six Pokemon to transfer over on the DS with your fourth generation game and then encounter them in a grassy field in Black and White on the second DS. You use a sling shot to shoot Poke Balls at your Pokemon as they jump out of grass and back in, and when you hit them, you re-capture them.
  • 5:07 – We see spring and fall, meaning the layout of the games may change depending on the season in real life or that there are simply areas that feature season themes.
  • 5:17 – New Trainer types.
  • 5:24 – Miruhoggu, the evolution of Minezumi, revealed in a double wild battle!
  • 5:26 – There is a new “Battle Subway” where you battle random Trainers.
  • Mamanbou, Luvdisc’s apparent evolution, can learn a new attack called “Soak.”
  • Pokabu learns a new move called “Fire Oath.”
  • Tsutaaja can learn a new move called “Grass Oath.”