Munma Referenced in First Generation Games?

Tomorrow afternoon Pokemon Sunday airs in U.S. time. They’ll probably just preview the content from CoroCoro, but we’ll post anything new they reveal.

Now this is quite interesting. Was Munma referenced in the first generation games? After you defeat a Lass outside of Rock Tunnel in Red, Green, Blue, Yellow, and their remakes, she tells you…

“The POKEMON here are so chunky! There should be a pink one with a floral pattern!”

Quite the random description, with no Pokemon since now ever fitting it. There has been a rumor circulating on the Internet for years and years that Gamefreak originally created more than 1,000 Pokemon designs, and while we know that some Pokemon were delayed a generation (like Shellos and Gastrodon, originally for Ruby and Sapphire), who would think that after almost 15 years they would actually use a concept from that far back? Was Mun’ma a rough idea that long ago or even a near-complete design? Seems like Gamefreak is really scraping the barrel if that’s the case. Regardless, it’s astounding that Red and Green from 1996 now reference a Pokemon from 2010. Thanks go to Zierant from our forums for notifying us of this.

Mun'ma Referenced in 1st Generation Games