Silhouettes of the Starter Pokemon of ‘Black’ and ‘White’ Revealed

Update: Added edited screenshot of the starters below. If you couldn’t get through to the site earlier, well… too many people were trying to access the server at once. :p

Literally a few seconds ago, Pokemon Sunday revealed the silhouettes of the three starter Pokemon of Pokemon Black and White, as you can see below (click the silhouettes for a larger image). What could these Pokemon be? The show is going to reveal the three Pokemon in full on next week’s episode, but the May 15th issue of CoroCoro magazine will probably be leaked on the Internet as early as Monday morning and will contain their real artwork. This week is going to be exciting, so be sure to keep checking back! You can also watch a video of Shokotan, the host, revealing the three silhouettes below (sorry, that weird sound effect toward the end is my FTP program completing its upload of the original screencap used in this story).

Silhouettes of the Pokemon Black and White Starter Pokemon