‘Pokemon Sunday’ Airs in One Hour

Pokemon Sunday starts in one hour (3:30 PM PST, 6:30 PM EST). First they are going to show the Meowth Rules! Orange Islands episode where Meowth tries to use Pay Day. Following the episode, they will begin their crazy live-action segments (around 4:00 PM PST, 7:00 PM EST). Toward the end of those, the new Pokemon they promised will be revealed. The only question now is whether they will just flat-out show a new Pokemon or tease us with the silhouettes of the starter Pokemon they plan to reveal next week. Either way, be sure to check back here within the next hour and a half to two hours – we’ll post everything they reveal a few seconds after it airs!

For now, feel free to speculate and discuss what you think they will reveal in this thread on our forums! This week and next week are going to be rather exciting considering we will be getting Black and White news from both Pokemon Sunday and CoroCoro magazine.