ALL 96 ‘Unleashed’ Scans

Check out our set list for HS – Unleashed: we now have all 96 scans! Alph Lithograph is in the set as a secret rare and originates from the original LEGEND: HeartGold and SoulSilver set, numbered “TWO.” All of the new scans are below thanks to Lily, losjackal, GL Mo, Brandon P, Gabe C., Patrick W., and Torterra Chips. If they are showing up as “No Scan Yet” images, clear your cache or refresh the page a few times to see them.

Thanks to Bangiras’ translations, several of our visitors have pointed out that Onix’s Poke-Body is mistranslated. The English card allows you to heal any of your Pokemon by 10 damage when attaching an Energy card to them, but the original card restricted the healing only to Onix, meaning the card will be noticeably more powerful at prereleases. I guess since the set has such sucky cards TPCi decided to amp Onix up a bit, lol. But seriously, I find it a bit funny that one person is able to translate whole Japanese sets at 3 AM in the morning and within only a few hours and is still able to get the cards more correct than the official company. We wuv u Bangiras. :p

Magmortar from Unleashed (#2) Manaphy from Unleashed (#3) Kingdra (Prime) from Unleashed (#85) Raikou and Suicune LEGEND from Unleashed (#92) Suicune and Entei LEGEND from Unleashed (#94) Suicune and Entei LEGEND from Unleashed (#95) Alph Lithograph from Unleashed (TWO)