‘Black’ and ‘White’ Starters to be Revealed on ‘Pokemon Sunday’ Next Week

TV Tokyo’s description for May 16th’s Pokemon Sunday episode states that the show will be announcing special fifth generation news: “Pokemon Black and White‘s three starters, shocking battle scenes, and more will be revealed to the public!” The episode’s title is “New Pokemon Game and Movie Scoop Back-to-Back Special!” Thanks goes to Bangiras for these translations.

This week, the show is going to reveal at least one new Pokemon. They may just flat-out show us a new Pokemon or they could tease us with the silhouettes of the three starters (being the new Pokemon they promised) and then reveal them in full on next week’s episode. Either way, CoroCoro‘s May 15th issue will have the same content as the show’s two upcoming episodes. Since scans of the magazine will probably be leaked on the Internet around the 10th, we’ll more than likely have the artwork of the starter Pokemon and everything else before next week’s episode.

Tune in to PokeBeach on Saturday around 4:00 PM (California time). We’ll be watching the episode like a hawk and will upload the new Pokemon / silhouettes a few seconds after they are revealed!