States Tomorrow, Fill Out Your Deck List Beforehand!

I get my new laptop tomorrow after States! :D

The last of the State Championships are tomorrow! To find out if one is taking place near you, click here; most of the events listed on that page and the next page take place tomorrow (March 20th). For general information about the State Championships, visit TPCi’s FAQ. Everyone should go to States to support Pokemon, even if you are expecting to get your butt kicked! (Like me. :D)

SteveP has been updating his Deck List Program with each new set and promo that is released; the program allows you to fill out your deck lists on the computer and print them out in a format tournament organizers will accept. You will never have to hand-write your lists again and you will never make a mistake because the program tells you if something is incorrect. Don’t wait until the last minute to fill out that winning deck list – do it now so you are prepared ahead of time and don’t run into any problems during the deck checks! In the future, you can access the program in the left menu under “T.C.G.”