Missing DP54 and DP55 Promos Found… en Français

While DP53 was a reprint of the Omniscient Arceus LV.X and DP56 was a reprint of the Meteor Blast Arceus LV.X, DP54 and DP55 have been missing for several months now. Everyone’s been wondering what happened to them, but now they’ve finally been found! Well, in French anyway: DP54 is a holo reprint of Beginning Door from the Arceus set while DP55 is just a regular reprint of Ultimate Zone from the same set but with promo numbering. Will these two cards ever see an American release? This is the first time there’s been a gap between promos for this long, the Arceus set has been out for quite a while, and America already started the HGSS promo numbering, so who knows? Click the thumbnails below for larger images; thanks goes to Herman and jennrummymeister from our forums for finding them!

Beginning Door Diamond and Pearl promo (DP54, French) Ultimate Zone Diamond and Pearl promo (DP55, French)