DP Promo #56 Arceus LV.X Tin

Why is it that every Tuesday there is always new promo news during my film writing class? We should call it “Promo Film Studies Tuesday.” Also, why is it that every time I open my school’s newspaper on Tuesday they have a comic on Pokemon? Also, what’s with today and card artwork? :p

In addition to the previously released DP53 Arceus LV.X tin, a new Arceus Collector’s Tin will hit store shelves on December 16th for $14.99, though it is already available at some stores early. It comes with two Arceus and two Diamond and Pearl or Platinum series booster packs. The Arceus LV.X is numbered promo #56 and is a reprint of the Meteor Blast Arceus LV.X, though with new artwork. The tin has the exact same design as the previous Arceus tin except that it’s blue instead of green. Click the thumbnails below for larger images. The card is holo in real life, unlike the card art pictured below.

Arceus LV.X Promo #56 Tin Arceus LV.X Promo #56 Art