‘HS – Unleashed’ Three-Pack Blister with Latios or Latias Promo

First day of the new quarter and Spanish is already killing me!

HS - Unleashed: Three-pack blister with Latias or Latios promo

As usual, a blister pack containing three booster packs and one of two new promos will be released for HS – Unleashed. The blister pack comes with either a holo Latios or Latias HGSS promo, two HS – Unleashed booster packs, a booster pack from an older set, and a special coin featuring both Jirachi and Shaymin Sky Forme. It will officially be released on May 12th along with the set, though as is the case with many promos and booster packs associated with set releases, you probably won’t be able to find them in stores until several weeks later. Click the thumbnail to the right for a larger image of the blister pack with Latias. Translations of the Japanese cards can be found in this December news story.