Zorua and Zoroark Shown on ‘Oha Suta’ and Official Sites

Zorua and Zoroark on Oha Suta

The new fifth generation Pokemon Zorua and Zoroark were shown this morning on the Japanese television program Oha Suta. No new information was revealed, though the show confirmed that the 13th movie’s title has been renamed to The Ruler of Illusion: Zoroark as expected. We might learn more about the two Pokemon and the 13th movie this Saturday (American time) when Pokemon Sunday airs in Japan.

In the CoroCoro news story we posted the other day, we pointed out that there was a discrepancy in the color of Zorua and Zoroark’s eyes, but it appears that the color mismatch was simply due to the way the pages were scanned. The undistorted colors of the Pokemon can be seen to the right, confirming a color scheme that consists of black and reddish-orange fur as well as blue eyes. Click the thumbnail for a larger image, which is courtesy of Filb.de.

Update (9:00 PM) – The official Japanese Pokemon website and 13th movie website have just updated, revealing new and cleaner artwork of the “Ruler of Illusion” and its pre-evolution. It appears the official Ken Sugimori artwork uses a teal color for both Pokemon’s eyes and a blood-red for the colored parts of their fur, whereas the anime artwork uses solid blue for their eyes and a reddish-orange for their fur. Zoroark’s black fur also has a lighter, greenish hue in the anime. Click the thumbnails below for larger images. In terms of information, like CoroCoro, the movie website emphasizes that Zoroark has a special ability; of course, it will probably have something to do with illusions. However, the websites did not reveal any other new information.

Zorua - Ken Sugimori Artwork Zoroark - Ken Sugimori Artwork Zorua - Anime Artwork Zorua - Anime Artwork Zoroark - Anime Artwork