New ‘Revived Legends’ Commercial + Going to Japan Again?

Steelix and Tyranitar Deck Cards from Revived Legends

A new Revived Legends commercial is currently airing in Japan and has been posted on the official Pokemon Card website. Two adults at one of the Pokemon Center stores are trying to convince a kid to buy one of the set’s two theme decks (instead of both?), and in the first commercial, he picks the Steelix deck, while in the second, Tyranitar’s is his choice. The commercial shows a few cards from each deck, which you can see to the right (click the thumbnail for a larger image). Remember, Revived Legends will be released in Japan next Thursday, and we will of course have scans and translations before then.

In other news, there is a 70% chance I’m going back to Japan again this summer through the same program! I want to go again so I can grab fifth generation news, report on the thirteenth movie (maybe early again? :p), and go to the Ghibli Museum. The only thing that might prevent me from going is if my academic adviser tells me I should do my film internship this summer rather than next, but I’ll find out what my options are next week. I actually have a choice between going to Japan for a second time and going to Hawaii for the first time (around the time of Worlds). But since TPCi hates my guts and I don’t feel like promoting something of theirs due to all the trouble some people in their TCG department give me, I don’t think I’ll get much out of going there (other than threats from their lawyers or tomfoolery concerning why I can’t have a press pass :/).